MMP Media, MMP Press

Migrating Media & Productions [MM&P] is the publisher of BrazilConZé.com, a multicultural and multilingual on line magazine that promotes alternative & underground events, art & consciousness in 9 cities around the globe. Zé is the "Brazilian soul" conducting his pixilated research in cutting edge "live & on line" experience.

BRazilConZé.com is dedicated to social justice, immigrant rights, human rights and economic development thru social responsibility and FUN.

Although we do not accept advertisements, we accept cultural sponsorship for some of our sections at BRazilConZé.com ( and for some of the Migrating Media Projects. If you would like to become our cultural sponsor in your area or overseas feel free to contact us.

Please note: we will not be able to accept your cultural sponsorship, if your company has been recorded by social justice agencies on sweat shop labor, monopoly, war sponsorship or any other mistreatment or negligence to the human life or to the environment.